Paul is from Liverpool, Merseyside in the UK and is a self taught independent musician who has been playing music since the late 1980's. Its only in the last 9 years or so however that Paul has taken a professional approach to his music releasing some instrumental music albums on cd and iTunes etc. Although initially Paul played acoustic and electric guitars he was always fascinated by the range of colour and atmosphere synthesizers and keyboards bring to musical composition and has now incorporated them into his music along with the use of a Roland guitar synthesizer and software synths.

In the 90's Paul studied philosophy, political philosophy and psychology at college before completing an honours degree in religion from Kings College London, with an emphasis on oriental religious philosophy and new religious movements. Since then Paul has travelled very extensively around Europe by train from the Arctic to as far as Athens. The anonymity and romance of sleeper train travel and long distance journeys across the continent have been a big inspiration to Paul's music; indeed his most recent album, Train to Scandinavia was recorded on hotels and night trains on an 18 day train trip to the Arctic and back!


Paul's interest in oriental philosophy, nature and travelling have shaped his music, evocative soundscapes both mysterious and enchanting that invite you to delve deep into the musical landscapes being painted. Paul's music is mostly improvised and recorded on the fly which adds to the flow,  spontaneity and genuinely being in the moment of the music avoiding rigidity and constraint. Occasionally however, some of the compositions are more structured and developed...but not many!

Musically, Paul has been influenced by a wide variety of bands and musicians over the years, from harmony based vocal bands like Crosby Stills and Nash to progressive rock bands from the UK such as Pink Floyd, Yes and Camel. It is the latter's use and introduction of synthesizers and the use of early samplers like the famous 'mellotron' plus the musical possibilities they offer, that have shaped and inspired Paul's approach to music. In particular, it is the pioneering work of the synthesists from the progressive rock bands and the works of ambient artists such as Brian Eno that helped to shape what became known as the 'new age music' genre, a diverse and popular musical style covering areas from world music to ambient music. It is the ambient and new age styles where most of Paul's music is orientated

Paul has recently created music for a variety of collaborators creating guided meditations as well as working on repackaging and releasing old material digitally along with new albums ready to roll out.

Today, Paul's music has been heard by over 35 million people on various YouTube, Soundcloud channels over since 2013 and also iTunes etc. Paul releases his music and that of others via his own distribution service, New Age Music Garden Recordings

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