Infinity Blue Released

Infinity Blue

Now available for download - the new album from Paul, Infinity Blue, features one track, a long form atmospheric improvisation featuring keyboards and synthesizers. Originally recorded in 2015 it has now been remixed and available from our download store and on Itunes etc next week


Moon Food and other stories

Paul will soon be releasing three (yes three) instrumental albums on Itunes etc recorded between 2014 and 2016 with some remixing done with additional music added on them this year. The albums will be- There Are No Roads In The Sky, Zensday Afternoon and The Echo of Emptiness.

In other News Paul's music has recently been played on two Internet ambient radio stations, Night Tides with Renee Blanche in the States and Hawk Friendz based here in the Uk so thanks for that. Tracks featured included music from Inner Eye and Train to Scandinavia.

Today, Paul also ate a cheese sandwhich.

Paul's track Reflections from album of same name also appeared on the Sounds from The Circle Volume 8 album produced by Suzanne Doucet of Only New Age Music and one of the pioneers of the genre.

Paul has also been working on a new concept album called Moon Food that will contain ambient, electronica and progressive rock elements with vocals on some tracks. You can watch a demo from this album here..Moon Food Honey.

Also in the pipeline is some more music written for guided meditation projects for other artists.

Check our social media for release dates of the above... Have a cosmic Friday